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Originally called Simple Doom  … 

(as still featured in the in-game title screen, this version has not been updated since it's release on IndieDB)

Raycaster Doom is:

 A Free, Fan-Made game, created using Raycasting Game Maker engine.

Many small production titles have been created using RGM. There are a couple of titles you may be aware of that have been for sale around the internet for a number of years now. 

This little game is entirely free and will always remain free no matter how much I add to it or further develop it. Not only because it features licenced materials but mostly because it was made from the heart and will stand as my appreciation piece for the beloved Doom.

The debate came and went about exactly how the Doom Engine worked-- was it a fancy raycaster like Wolf3D and other titles of the time? The general consensus is that the Doom Engine is a BSP engine, the details of which I will not delve into here. 

I'll just say that similar to the humble raycaster; the BSP engine does lift a 3D level from a 2D cartograph. It's more involved than a raycaster, which simply renders a 3D level from what is essentially a 2D tile-sheet arranged in a pattern that would look like a maze. 

Raycasting is extremely limited in an engine such as RGM by itself, however, if you download and configure the RGM software version (4.6.2) then you can create more levels for Raycaster Doom. 

Special Thanks to The VG-Resource dotcom, The RGM curation team at IndieDB and of course, ID Software and all of it's associates involved with making Doom over the years. Thanks guys.

Alias The Jester


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Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated! 

The shotgun guys are a bit OP, I was thinking of replacing them with Chaingunners tbh. For the controls, can you suggest a lay-out which would work better? Seeing as it’s Doom, should I just lock the mouse out entirely? 

Best Regards,

Alias The Jester. 

use arrow keys for turning and going forwards and back, space for opening doors or firing, left control for firing or opening doors. If you want to use mouse then wasd to move and strafe, e to open, and mouse to turn and shoot

This is a very nice game made with RGM, but there are some things that can definetly be improved, the controls for one, mouse look with arrow key controls doesnt work well. the shotgun guys should be easy to kill, not more than 5 shots. I use RGM and i know its a hard thing to use to make a good game. just needs improvements is all